Tuesday, 9 November 2010

My Life, Part 2

Welcome back to the jungle guys,

This part of my life is a lot more interesting, I promise! lol

Last time, I left us at a bit juncture in my life, and I intend to pick up where we left off. I was 15, in second to last year in high school (Year 10 for my UK readers), and I was beginning to break free from my families strangle hold of control over my life. I dove very heavily into hip-hop culture and idolised Eminem (and I'm not ashamed to say it). I dyed my hair blond and wore baggy clothes as often as I could. I would listen to Eminem's "The Way I Am" every morning whilst getting ready for school in order to adapt the appropriate attitude to survive high school with blond hair! I gained many friends through mutual love of rap music and we began writing bars/lyrics together and started smoking weed! My subjects for my final years were very limited, I chose double science and and leisure and tourism (what teenage boy isn't going to choose to be unleashed on the world legally for the last 2 hours of school??).

Anyways, whilst on one of my weekly excursions for "leisure and tourism" with one of my friends, and we decided to make our way home from our town centre, and to cut through one of the many local estates. As it was a hot day, I decided to open my shirt all the way to feel the breeze, and as we walked through the estate, I saw a group of girls sitting on the wall and saw one who caught my eye, but not being a ladies man I did my usual (give her "the Look", carry on walking and think about her for a coupla days, maybe walk through there another day to see if she was there again to steal another look and that's it! lol), but something different happened this time. as we carried on walking, I hear this almighty shout, "OI OIII!!"

:-0 "No WAY!!" I thought, "WHO SAID THAT AND WHO WAS YOU TALKING TO??", the sexy lil minx I had my eye on wave at me, me and my friend went over to "Chirps" these girls! I couldn't believe my luck, these girl was gorgeous! Green eyes which hit you like a bitch slap from Kimbo Slice! Beautiful smile an artist would kill to capture! And I'm gonna leave it there before i get too graphic. Her name was Nikki and its fair to say I was in way over my head, this girl was waaay too good for me! We spoke for a couple of minutes before she grabbed my hand and started dragging me round the estate (I found out later to "get off"/snog/"make out" with me) when, BOOM! We ran smack bang into 3 older dudes!(I also found out later she was waiting to meet one of these guys originally! WHOOPS!) She said hi, and they wanted to talk to her. She asked me to wait for her with her friends, so i did. The girls started telling me that "She was always doing this to guys! Acting like shes interested, then just dump em!" I had no reason to believe or disbelieve them, but something told me they were (excuse my french) "chattin SHIT!!" So I waited to speak to her again, eventually she called us over to where they were sitting. One of the guys, decided as I tried to "jack his link" he was gonna try and rob me. "Eh fam, lemme borrow your phone real quick!" he says to me, "I ain't got one!" I lied, "so what d'you do if you take a chicks number??" he quizzed, "pen and paper" I replied. "are you some kind of dough nut?" he teased, "I must be, innit cuz?!" I spat. At this point he gathered everyone's attention and asked me again if i was a doughnut, welcome to a male pubescent catch 22! If i say no, this boy will ask if I'm calling him a liar which will then lead to me fighting these 3 guys, or I say yes and proclaim myself a doughnut in front of this amazing girl.

"Yeah!" i said, he, Nikki and the rest of the group laughed! Somehow, I managed to walk her and her friends back to the town centre to restore some of my masculinity, and we said our good byes. I thought, "that's it! I ain't gonna see her again! she thinks I'm a dick head!" oh how wrong i was, the next day she came to meet me at my school during lunch and after school, and I swiftly made her mine! This was no ordinary girl, she was my new pillar of strength from which i drew all of my power, and it was with her help I grew a pair and finally stood up to my overbaring family! We stayed together through everything thrown our way, when she fell pregnant with our first child at 17 we struggled through and had a gorgeous little boy, got a house and before we knew it, 6 years had gone by and we decided to get married (I had proposed to her after 3 months of beginning our relationship). We were wed on 19Th of January 2008, and went on to have another son.

During my wife's second pregnancy, she became very ill and if you want to know more about her struggle I will leave a link at the end of this post! I love her dearly and will do anything for her, bar nothing!

Again, very brief post if I'm honest, but I'm not too good at personal stuff! Please check out my wife's blog, She's much better at this then me!! lol

Thanks for reading Dudes and Dudettes!!

Stay Tuned!!


Friday, 5 November 2010

My life

Welcome to the jungle guys,
Now I don't profess to be a great writer, and my storytelling skills are rusty at best, but I want to take this opportunity to try and give u a little break down of my life so far!

I was born in 1986, in South London. I am the youngest of 3 children (an older brother and an older sister) and have always known that I was an "accident". My mum says she would have had 9 kids as she came from a big family (3 boys and 4 girls), but had an emergency c-section with my brother and had to follow suit with my sister and me, but my Dad was happy with just having 2 kids. However, even my mum has said to me she was happy, "I had my boy and my girl and then...you were 'just a little extra'!" Those who know me will probably think I'm digging at myself, but this is true and i ain't bothered by it, anymore.

Naturally, growing up with this hanging over your head wasn't all fun and games, but I would say I had a relatively normal childhood. I always felt closer to my mum, so would do anything to keep her happy, even if that meant my own happiness went unfulfilled. We would go shopping for clothes and I would have to wear all these nasty clothes and feel like I was being made to be someone else to fit in with my brother and sister (who were and are, for lack of a better word....sheep/chavs)

My relationship with my dad was/is, shall we say awkward?! He put all of his attention on my brother and sister, (my brother being his "first born son" and my sister being "Daddy's Little Princess") and i was the skinny useless "runt" of his otherwise perfect litter! he has never said anything about this, but anyone who meets my dad knows how he operates without having to say a word!
My relationship with my sister has always been rocky to say the least. we would argue about everything, but the arguments wouldn't last long, and i seldom won (my dad had this thing where i wouldn't be allowed to argue with my sister because she was older, a girl, and his princess) which only made for a more rocky future as young adults.

My brother, on the other hand, was one of the single greatest human beings you could ever meet. Life and soul of any party, we would stay behind when my rents and sis went shopping and role play we were warriors on some ancient battlefield. those are some of the fondest memories i have of our time together. Unfortunately, my bro liked to lie.... a lot!! even down to what he had just eaten. he was and is a compulsive liar.

After 2 hamsters, a budgie, multiple room changes and about 10 years, we moved from a 4 (small) bedroom flat, to a 3 bedroom house with a 100 foot garden. i was 10 years old and had to share a room with my sister. We would fight in secret, i jumped from my cabin bed onto her head after she had her upper earlobe pierced because she was being a bitch, as per.... she didn't like that. She used to like to pin me down and shove her hair in my face, so one day, i snapped and hammered her right big toe with my fist (the situation was worse as that toe just so happen to have and ingrowing toe-nail, which required surgery!! ... She didn't like that either) these are the only 2 circumstances where i can remember winning a dispute with my sister(we were alone both times). she would constantly try to belittle me in front of anyone, her friends, my friends, family members (cousins mainly) and yet it was always made out to be "my fault" because i "wound her up".

Shortly after moving, my brother left. he was 18-19, and wanted out in the big wide world. he got with this girl called Nicki, who had a little kid who had impaired vision, sweet little boy. My mum and Nicki swiftly became the greatest of enemies. They would argue constantly, mainly over my brother because he would lie to my mum and then go back and lie to Nicki. Eventually, they stopped talking and i followed suit out of loyalty to my mum. i will also like to mention at this juncture, growing up i never spoke out for myself in any way i would fold under the slightest amount of pressure which led me to lead a puppets life, with my mum pulling the strings. I didn't speak to my brother for 4 years after that.

I will apologise if there is little detail in this part of this post, but my childhood isn't something i like to dwell on or enjoy remembering. Like a plaster, i try to whip it off as quickly as possible! but we are coming to an awesome crossroads in my life which, without, i wouldn't be the man i am today...

stay tuned!